About Us

We are an unparalleled industry leader and key provider of engineering, designing, and material packaging of high voltage substations to the power utility industry. Our experience in this industry spans over 30 years. We continue to offer customized services in these areas and proudly recognize 200 years worth of combined employee experience in the high voltage substation industry. From 15kV to 500kV, we have the capability to cater to projects of any size.

We pride ourselves in contributing towards the finest engineered substations. To ensure such optimum results, our team of professional and dedicated staff comprising engineers and designers utilize the latest in structural and foundation design software and many other custom design programs. Our CAD operators employ the latest version of AutoCAD™ and Bentley System’s MICROSTATION for all engineered drawings.


A Substation Package provides all materials necessary for erecting a complete substation including structural steel, steel and foundation design, switches, bus, cable, connectors, grounding supplies, and all the required nuts and bolts. It does not typically include major oil filled equipment or labor/construction services.


Single-source supplier: Forget about going from one to another trying to purchase all the products and services required for your substation. Now, you’ve got a single-point of purchase and have to only deal with one entity instead of many for all your substation needs.

Low material pricing: Since we work strictly with substations, we are intimately familiar with material prices and lead times. Purchasing millions of dollars of substation material each year has established longstanding relationships with a variety of vendors and provides us much needed purchasing leverage for lower pricing.

Hassle-free storage: Quit worrying about storing all your material until the start of the project. We receive all purchased material into our own 20,000+ square foot warehouse facility, eliminating your need for coordinating shipment, delivery, expediting, and receiving. When your site and contractor are ready, we ship your materials as specified.

Latest technology: All of our work is supported through our drafting department utilizing the latest version of AutoCAD and Inventor 3D software allowing us to efficiently provide material take-offs coordinated with the electrical drawings.

Customer service: We are committed to customizing our business to meet your needs. When time is critical, we can work on cost plus arrangements/alliances allowing you to get the products you want with the shortest possible lead time.

Reliability: ASE has served the electrical power industry for over 30 years. This wouldn’t be possible without delivering our promise of service and efficiency. Our customers can attest to it!

Follow industry guidelines: You can receive all your equipment and material marshaled in accordance with the Bill of Material (BOM).


Physical Design
– Station Arrangement Drawings
– Structure Design and Details
– Foundation Design and Details
– Material List Take-Off & Purchasing
– Lightning Protection
– Site Grading Design
– Rigid Bus Design Calculations

Electrical Engineering
– Relay and Control Development Drawings
– Relay Panel Drawings
– Bus Fault Calculations
– Ground Grid Calculations
– Electrical Equipment Specifications
– Conduit and Cable Schedules